Roblin Review, December 25, 2018

Reading the letter to the editor from NDP Leader Wab Kinew in the Dec. 18 Review concerning this government's reductions in Manitoba roads financing, I had to reply to it.

Perhaps Wab should look in a mirror to see the reason why the current government needs to make reductions in spending everywhere. His previous NDP buddies spent money wantonly, “as if it was growing on trees”, as the old adage says. Especially the Bipole III hydro project that will end up costing the Manitoba taxpayers five to seven billion dollars despite experts such as Garland Laliberte and others advising against it, and which the electricity generated will probably be given away at fire-sale prices, if there are any customers wanting it at all.

As well as this, a certain section of our population can purchase fuel for their vehicles tax-free but still use the roads that the rest of the population pays a tax on every litre they purchase that is supposed to go to finance road building and upkeep.

I would like to hear Wab’s explanation to this, but probably there will only be silence. Thanks for the opportunity to reply to this letter, and a Merry Christmas to all.