Let us look back a little as to what we expect of our politicians and those who handle our taxes.

The NDP government created a huge debt when they decided to build the hydro line on the west side of Lake Manitoba versus a shorter route. This was done to enable us to export more electricity. Since we in Manitoba are already paying more for our electricity than we are getting paid for it when we export it to the U.S., this is a debt that Manitobans are inheriting from the previous government. The sad part is that it is not only we who are being penalized, but also our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will have to repay the debt.

Now Hydro finds itself in a bind and raises rates. We don’t like that. What choice do they have? The politicians didn’t seem to have the foresight to know that debt must be paid back, or did they know better but just didn’t care? Now we blame the next government for cutting back, trying to control wages. What else can they do?

The federal Liberals are spending money without any thought as to how or who is going to pay for it. Now they are doing the same thing the NDP did. It does not take talent to spend money.

Too bad that we, and the generations after us, are left to pay the debt they are creating. In the future, let us elect politicians with the foresight to limit our spending to within their own lifetime.

Winnipeg Free Press