Executive Summary:

  • Forcing Manitoba Hydro to build Bipole III down the west side is a costly decision that cannot be justified.
  • The west side route will cost at least $1 billion more for rate payers than the more direct east side route.
  • Government data show there is no justification for the west side route.
  • At-risk caribou herds are present along both routes and their locations are constantly changing. We could not find evidence to support the argument that high voltage lines have negative impacts on caribou.
  • Annually, there is more tornado and lightning activity along the west route than the east route.
  • The portion of the east side are being set aside for UNESCO designation could receive the designation even with BiPole III running through it. A Bipole line could be build to largely avoid the area being nominated for designation.
  • Negotiations could occur with Aboriginal communities for an east side route, just as they did for the construction of northern dams.

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