Winnipeg Free Press

Re: Pallister raises possibility of costly Bipole III move (June 9).

The idea of moving the current construction in western Manitoba of the power transmission line to the east side of Lake Winnipeg continues to become another saga in reforming Manitoba Hydro.

Our hydro is a key component of the provincial economy, it affects the everyday life of every Manitoban. The article talks about the expense of moving the construction project to the east side of our province, and changing the course could involve delays.

However, the change from one side of the lake to the other brings a much shorter and cheaper route Hydro initially favoured. On the east side of our province it is more environmentally sound, it would not waste renewable energy that would be lost in constructing the hydro lines over the longer western route. That is one of many dilemmas about this plan. The extra cost will probably be absorbed by our provincial government and most likely not by Manitoba Hydro.

I think it is time to re-examine this project, make a firm commitment before it spins off into something Manitobans cannot physically control, and from a monetary perspective, keep the costs from skyrocketing. Manitoba Hydro can reform our province and still be the major employer, but we need a more defined mandate for this Crown corporation.