Winnipeg Free Press

Re: Province still best in debt loads (Dec. 8)

Before Manitobans head out to catch up to other Canadians in the amount of debt we carry individually, we would be wise to remember that the former NDP government has borrowed more than we can already afford. It is individual Manitobans, not the province, that have the lowest debt loads.

When the approximately 806,000 Manitoba taxpayers add in the additional more-than-$31,000-per-capita debt outstanding from the NDP’s meddling with Manitoba Hydro, they owe about $49,355 (excluding mortgages) each. We have nothing really to celebrate here in Manitoba, except that Mr. Pallister clearly recognizes Manitoba is potentially in real trouble.

The problem with the province carrying such an enormous debt load is the risk of increasing interest rates. All Manitobans, not just taxpayers with large mortgages and debt, should keep low interest rates in their prayers.