Roblin Review

Dear Editor,

Hydro minister Eric Robinson’s recent letter to Manitoba editors, which appeared in the Sept. 22 issue of the Roblin Review, shows how desperate the NDP is to deflect and distract from its sad record of Hydro mismanagement.

The PC plan respects the real owners of Hydro, the people of Manitoba. Robinson claims Hydro continuously works to keep costs and rates low. Unfortunately the reality is quite different and Manitobans are bearing the brunt.

Hydro rates have increased almost 30 per cent since Greg Selinger became premier in 2009. Rates have risen at more than double the rate of inflation for some time and, even more disturbing, Hydro is projecting four per cent increases every year for two decades. That means Manitobans can expect their Hydro bills to at least double in that time span.

Selinger’s NDP further touts the value of export sales, but what they don’t tell you is export sales are on the decline. In fact, export sales in 2008 were more than $225 million higher than last year. In spite of all this, the NDP is pushing ahead with its plan to sell subsidized power to Americans, all the while saddling Manitobans with rate increases to pay for it.

I think it’s worth reminding the NDP the purpose of Manitoba Hydro is: “To provide for the continuance of a supply of power adequate to the needs of the province, and to engage in and to promote economy and efficiency in the development, generation, transmission, distribution, supply and end–use of power.” (The Manitoba Hydro Act).

I would humbly suggest to Premier Selinger and Minister Eric Robinson that the NDP’s plan, that will see your rates more than double, does not promote economy or efficiency in the supply of power to your home. Manitobans have had enough of the same NDP broken promises. A change for the better is coming.