Winnipeg Free Press

Re: Manitoba Hydro needs to ignore the past and become an innovator (Oct. 26)

Will Braun is incorrect in his assumption that Xcel Energy has written Manitoba Hydro off as a supplier of renewable hydroelectricity.

Xcel Energy and Manitoba Hydro have a long-standing relationship dating back to the 1970s, and both utilities expect to continue that relationship into the future. As is the case with all of our wholesale export customers, Manitoba Hydro is in continuous discussions with them on their long-term needs and our ability to supply them with electricity once our existing contracts expire in 2025.

With regard to Xcel Energy not identifying Manitoba Hydro as a resource option in their future plans, this is a normal planning assumption for all utilities when contracts come to an end. To do otherwise would assume that an extension would align with the supplier’s intentions and current capabilities, and could be unfair to other potential energy suppliers.

The wholesale export market is highly competitive, but Manitoba’s surplus low-carbon emitting electricity is in high demand in both Canada and the United States. Manitoba Hydro will continue to offer Xcel Energy and other potential utility customers renewable hydroelectric energy options that offer benefits to both our customers and the environment.