Winnipeg Free Press

Re: Hydro chairman urges rate hike relief (Dec. 2)

Manitobans cannot take more huge Hydro rate increases.

We pay our fair share already, through our provincial taxes and our monthly hydro bills. We are fed up with poor management of Hydro and the previous provincial government putting Manitoba Hydro into the state they are in.

The 7.9 per cent increase is the start; from there it snowballs.

Businesses increase prices to compensate, fuel goes up and on and on.

This will particularly affect seniors and veterans on fixed income, low-income families and small businesses.

I can remember a few years back, Hydro was more affordable than natural gas, but that has flipped.

Residents are already paying $400 to $500 a month in winter for heat and lights — and these homes are well insulated with new windows, etc.

The residents of our great province are fed up with the mismanagement of Hydro.