Bipole III Landowners - Time to Sign Up

Over 100 landowners who will be affected by the Bipole III transmission project attended meetings in early August in Niverville and St. Claude. A strong majority of the landowners at those meetings indicated a willingness to protect their interests by banding together under the leadership of the Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowners Associations (CAEPLA). It is up to each individual landowner to decide if he or she wants to be part of this group and to take the appropriate action.

In order for CAEPLA to represent your interests, you first need to become an associate member of CAEPLA. This can be easily accomplished by completing the
Membership Application Form which bears the title “Landowners Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder for Our Property Rights”. The annual fee is $150.00 plus GST. Simply complete the form and send it along with your cheque for $157.50 to the Regina address provided on the form. Be sure to provide an e-mail address or a fax number, whether yours or a neighbour’s, so that CAEPLA can send you timely updates.

There are three other forms that CAEPLA requires to be completed. They are titled:

Authorization and Direction;
Assignment and Direction; and
Promise to Pay.

Membership Application Form and these three forms authorize CAEPLA to represent your interests and they set out your responsibility to CAEPLA. As a service to landowners, the Bipole III Coalition is making membership and authorization forms available to landowners on this website. But completing them leads to a contractual relationship with CAEPLA, not the Coalition. Once you have printed and completed these three forms, just send them to CAEPLA along with your membership application and the cheque for your annual fee. There is an urgency to take care of this immediately because Hydro could start construction as soon as a license is issued. So don’t wait until after harvest.

You are asked to help out by passing on this information on to other landowners who attended the landowners meetings and also to other landowners who will be affected by the Bipole III project but who may not have been able to attend one of the meetings.

Manitoba Hydro has recently contacted landowners on another proposed project called “the St. Vital Transmission Complex”. This project will affect a large number of landowners across southeastern Manitoba. These landowners can also join CAEPLA.
They will need to identify clearly the project that will affect them by penning in the name of the project on their authorization forms.

For more information, contact Dave Core at (403) 992-4124 or or Blaine Pedersen at (204) 745-2203 or


To Join CAEPLA fill out the 4 forms below and send to:

CAEPLA Administration
#257-918 Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 2P7

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